Our Mission

Our story starts in sunny Ventura, CA where brands tell a story. Our brand seeks to strengthen the foundations of the fastest growing sport in the US and help fund the creation of courts in every and any city and town. We live in a town with no dedicated Pickleball courts and we have to travel 25-30 minutes to the nearest courts. When we've reached out to our Parks and Recreation Department, we're always met with the same excuse: funding. We're so sick of hearing about it we decided to do something about it. We will donate 5% of our sales to help communities build more dedicated Pickleball courts. 

We strive to create quality apparel you can wear on and off the court that shows the public your passion for Pickleball in a stylish way. 

Pickleball is here to stay and so are we, and we will see you in your next pro match, tournament, round robin, rec match, favorite drills and behind that game winning Put Away.